Image: Xbox

One of the most anticipated (and perhaps secretive) Xbox releases is the next Fable game. All we really know at the moment is that it's been in development for at least four years now.

Although it seems the project could be well underway, the recruitment drive continues - with Playground Games apparently kicking off the New Year by hiring Toby Hynes as the game's lead character artist.

Interestingly, he's come across from Rare (another Xbox studio based in the UK) - where he was the lead character artist for Sea of Thieves and Rare's upcoming project Everwild. The previous Everwild update in December last year suggested the team was still figuring things out.

According to LinkedIn, before joining team Xbox - Hynes worked as a lead character artist at PlayStation's London Studio, Codemasters, and has had a career as an artist that stretches all the way back to Games Workshop (the creator of the tabletop RPG Warhammer) in 1996. He definitely seems like a fitting recruitment for Playground's Fable project.

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