You might remember that back in October, a creative Twitch streamer by the name of BrickinNick built a custom Xbox Series X controller entirely out of LEGO, and now he's also done the same for the console itself.

The next step? After over 110 hours of work on the project, BrickinNick wants to turn his LEGO set into a reality, with the goal to get over 10,000 supporters and therefore encourage LEGO to make it an official, purchasable product.

BrickinNick isn't alone in his quest, as various members of Team Xbox have already shown their support, including Xbox Social Media Manager, Stein, and Xbox Director Of Project Management, Jason Ronald.

The console is a 1:1 scale replica that "strives for extreme accuracy", featuring "all the buttons, ports, and vents exactly where you'd expect to find them." The controller even features the ability to take out the (non-functioning) batteries!

If you want to help BrickinNick and Team Xbox make this a reality, you can pledge your support over at the LEGO Ideas website. He's got a few hundred supporters so far, and hopefully he'll be able to surpass that 10,000 mark before long.

Would you buy this LEGO set if it was official? Let us know down in the comments section below.