If you're an avid Twitch watcher, you may well have come across the talented LEGO designer BrickinNick over the past few years, and his most recent project has seen him building an Xbox Series X and Series S controller out of LEGO.

As you can see from the video above, he's been streaming the process of making the controller, which only uses legal building techniques and even comes with removable LEGO batteries as showcased in the following tweet:

The reception has been highly positive, with suggestions for BrickinNick to add it to the LEGO Ideas page, which he plans to do in the future. First though, he wants to build a LEGO Xbox Series X to go with the controller.

Team Xbox also weighed in on the accomplishment, stating that it's "all clicking into place" in a humorous reply on Twitter, and Xbox employee Eden Marie praised it as "maybe the only good way to brick your Xbox".

Amazing work, BrickinNick! We can't wait to see how the LEGO Xbox Series X turns out.

What are your thoughts on this LEGO Xbox Series X controller? Let us know down in the comments.