What could be better than My Friend Peppa Pig on Xbox? How about a free next-gen upgrade for My Friend Peppa Pig on Xbox?! That's exactly what it's received today, including some pretty neat improvements.

Firstly, the game now supports Quick Resume on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, along with faster loading times as standard. There are also two new modes - Quality Mode, which runs at 4K, 30FPS on Xbox Series X, and Performance Mode, which runs at 1080p, 60FPS on both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Better yet, the developers are even planning DLC for the game — to be released in March!

The game has actually received largely favourable reviews so far, with some good scores on Metacritic and a "Very Positive" rating on Steam. If UK PM Boris Johnson loved Peppa Pig World so much, he'll surely get a kick out of this!

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