We've got a new Xbox Cloud Gaming controller hitting the market in Europe today in the form of the Nacon MG-X Pro, which follows on from the MG-X released last September. It retails for £89.99 / €99.90.

As you can see, it's built to hold your phone in the middle, and features "ergonomic handles, asymmetrical joysticks, bumpers, triggers, action buttons and Xbox controls," complete with an impressive battery life of 20 hours.

The MG-X Pro works with all Android smartphones equipped with Android 6 (and later), and connects wirelessly via Bluetooth. According to the official press release, it offers "ergonomics and comfort close to traditional controllers to play without compromise on Android smartphones."

We're getting a chance to go hands-on with the MG-X Pro, so look out for our review in the near future.

"Every Xbox feature for the ultimate gaming experience on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate! All of NACON's expertise has gone into the MG-X to create a comfortable and high-performance controller in a compact format for mobile gamers. It connects to your Android smartphone via Bluetooth and provides up to 20 hours of battery life. Play anywhere, any time, without compromises."

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