Microsoft Hikes Prices Of Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass In Latin America
Image: XboxBR on Twitter

Update: Various Pure Xbox users have suggested to us that Microsoft hasn't re-added 12 month Xbox Live Gold subscriptions as an option on the Microsoft Store in Latin America, so the increased price for this membership appears to be for renewals and retail codes only.

Original story: Microsoft has announced today that it is increasing prices for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass in a variety of Latin America regions, including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and others.

In a note sent to Brazilian outlet Tecnoblog, the company confirmed that reports of the increase were legit:

“We are continuously evaluating our business and it has been several years since we adjusted the prices of our services in Latin America. We also occasionally review prices in a given market to ensure that products and services are priced correctly, including reflecting changes in market conditions.

Today, we announce updated prices for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox Game Pass for Console and Xbox Live Gold. We strive to offer players options and will continue to add value to our services and subscriptions.”

The changes, which are scheduled to take place from October 20th onwards, are speculated from the outlet to be related to the "increase in the dollar", and the website additionally highlights that Nintendo also raised the price of various games on the Brazilian Nintendo Store earlier this week.

Interestingly, 12 months of Xbox Live Gold will seemingly continue to be supported in the region (increasing from R$ 149 to R$ 199), suggesting the service isn't planned to go free any time soon as recently rumoured.

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