Hitman 3 Crashing Issues On Xbox Are Being Investigated

Hitman 3 was added to Xbox Game Pass last week, along with the first two games in the trilogy. The Game Pass launch coincided with Hitman 3's first Year 2 content drop, but that update seems to have caused issues for some players. Don't worry though, developer IO Interactive is on the case.

The issue in question is a biggie. Basically, some players simply can't launch the game on Xbox since that Year 2 update. We've tried on Xbox Series X and found it launches fine, but other players have had issues on the system.

Now, we don't suggest the use of a crowbar... but this is a pretty big issue that should be a top priority for the developer, given it's completely game breaking. IO Interactive is looking into the issue, but the team is still at the "investigating" stage at the moment.

We're aware of an issue where players on Xbox consoles encounter a crash when the game launches. We have identified a root cause of the issue and we're working hard on testing the resolution to get a fix out to affected players as soon as possible.

Status: Investigating

Have you had issues playing Hitman 3 since its Game Pass launch? Let us know below.

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