Halo Infinite Lead Narrative Designer Leaves 343 To Join Riot Games

The Lead Narrative Designer on Halo Infinite, Aaron Linde, has announced he's left 343 Industries to join Riot Games.

Linde first announced his departure from 343 Industries on New Year's Eve, telling his followers that it was a "terrifically difficult decision" to leave the company, and calling Halo Infinite "the best game I've ever worked on":

Then, yesterday afternoon, Linde took to Twitter once again to state that he was "thrilled" to be joining Riot Games. He's now a Narrative Writer in the R&D (research and development) division, which works to develop new game ideas.

In regards to his role on Halo Infinite, Linde was said to have "led a small team of writers in the planning, development and execution of all open world narrative content in Halo Infinite, including side mission dialogue, over 15,000 lines of enemy and Marine chatter, over 100 radio drama-style audio logs, and ambient dialogue features like Glibnub, the Banished minister of propaganda."

As part of this, it sounds like his team was responsible for that amazing grunt dialogue. He'll be missed!

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