Halo Infinite Players Are Loving The Game's Comical Grunt Dialogue

Xbox players have been getting to grips with Halo Infinite for the past week now and not only are people loving the game's slick sandbox combat, they've also been having quite a bit of fun discovering just how funny some of the enemy interactions are during firefights.

In our recent review we mentioned how "there's an endless supply of hilariously mouthy grunts, brutes, elites and skimmers to get busy fighting with across Zeta Halo" and we're still picking up on new lines of dialogue, mostly in the form of abuse directed at poor old John Halo every time he dies in action.

It seems others have been enjoying the fun just as much as we have too, with posts popping up on Twitter, YouTube and Reddit pointing out some of these comical interactions. Let's check out a few of the best!

This grunt seems to be dabbing over Master Chief's dead body.

It's just non-stop personal abuse during battles.

Not only are you on the receiving end during fights, but hang around any of the game's 40 Propaganda Towers and you won't need to wait long for the insults to start flying, and some of them are just downright rude!

We're still playing and enjoying the Halo Infinite campaign over here and it really does add so much to the fun on offer with the amount of attention to detail 343 Industries has put into enemy encounters in this game. From the very first firefight aboard the Warship Gbraakon right up until the end of Master Chief's latest adventure, the bad guys keep the jokes and smack talk coming and we are 100% here for it.

Have you had any particularly amusing moments on the receiving end of a mouthful from a cheeky grunt? Drop into the comments and let us know the funniest stuff you've seen and heard so far!