Halo Co-Creator Praises Halo Infinite's Campaign, Says It 'Brings Back The Magic'
Image: Xbox

Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto has given the latest entry in the long-running sci-fi series, Halo Infinite, the thumbs up.

In an incredibly brief tweet over on the social media platform Twitter, Lehto mentioned how he had really been enjoying his time with the campaign so far, noting how it "brings back" the magic.

This obviously isn't an isolated case - Halo Infinite's campaign has been highly praised and has even got others like the Xbox head Phil Spencer spending time with it.

Nowadays Lehto is focused on EA's Battlefield series. It was revealed last month how he was recruited to lead a new studio that would be focused exclusively on storytelling content for the series.

Do you agree Halo Infinite's campaign has brought back the magic to the series? Tell us down below.

How Would You Grade Halo Infinite's Campaign?