Battlefield 2042
Image: via Xbox / EA

EA will apparently be making a Battlefield 'universe' with narrative content. To achieve this, it's recruited Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto to lead a new studio that'll be focused exclusively on storytelling content for the series.

Speaking to GameSpot, Battlefield general manager Byron Beede explained how Lehto's Seattle-based team would build "storytelling opportunities" now and into the future. These experiences will take shape in "later seasons" of the latest release Battlefield 2042 and beyond.

While Lehto's studio works on narrative content, Ripple Effect - the team behind Battlefield Portal - is reportedly working on something else for the latest Battlefield release, which will supposedly develop alongside the Portal. Both of these teams will also continue to work alongside the main developer DICE.

What are your own thoughts about a Battlefield universe? Would you be interested in a story or perhaps lore stretched out across multiple entries? Leave a comment down below.

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