Dying Light 2 1

Update: Looks like there was nothing to panic about! Those who have been able to download the base game on Xbox have discovered it's around 34-36GB, and not 72GB as originally reported. There's a chance day one patches may push this figure up (along with any extra content), but there's no sign of this as of yet.

Original story: SSD space is so precious on next-gen consoles, especially Xbox Series S. We always appreciate a modest file size here at Pure Xbox, particularly for a AAA game. Sadly, that doesn't appear to be the case with Dying Light 2... at least on Xbox Series X|S.

According to a leak posted on Twitter, Dying Light 2 will clock in at a sizeable 72GB on Xbox. That's pretty chonky, even if some AAA games are over twice that size. What's weird though, is that PS5 is somehow less than half the size.

Yep, according to the same leak, backed up by Twitter account PlayStation Game Size, the PS5 version will weigh in at just 32GB. That size is even lower in Europe at roughly 30GB, and lower still in Germany, where the country's version for PS5 is just under 25GB.

We can't quite figure out why such a huge difference exists. We've seen it before, even with patches, and Xbox should be looking at reducing file sizes on the platform, given the limited space on the console SSDs.

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