Does Your Xbox Guide Button Lag? New Xbox Insider Patch Addresses Issue
Image: Eden Marie on Twitter

Good news for Xbox Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead Insiders! In yesterday's patch, which went live at roughly 3pm PT, Xbox targeted guide button lag. It's a common complaint among Xbox users and to be honest, it's good that it's finally being addressed.

We've experienced these issues here at Pure Xbox, especially when accessing the guide during certain games. It's not consistently laggy, but it crops up often enough to be a problem. Hopefully that's no longer the case after the Insider patch.

The update also addresses local language inconsistencies, network problems when first switching on consoles, and an offline error code relating to games not launching.

The Xbox team is asking for feedback on the Insider patch, especially relating to these guide issues. If the patch works out, we should see the changes come to all Xbox users in the near future. We're eagerly awaiting that!

Have you noticed any changes after the patch? Let us know in the comments.