Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 was supposed to mark a new era for the Battlefield series, bringing things back to a near future setting for the first time since Battlefield 4. However, it's not really worked out that way, with a number of core features still missing since last year's launch.

It seems that long time fans of the franchise aren't the only ones disappointed. According to prominent EA leaker Tom Henderson, EA isn't happy with Battlefield 2042 either, and is looking at ways to change the game's fortunes.

It appears anything is on the table, including a potential free-to-play element. That could be 'Portal', 2042's mode that features classic Battlefield content, or it could be 'Hazard Zone', the game's Escape from Tarkov-esque mode.

It could even be the full game, although we'd be surprised to see EA and DICE make Battlefield 2042 completely free. That move probably wouldn't go down too well with early adopters either, who paid full price just a few months ago.

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