Xbox Is Giving You A Chance To Join The 'Alpha' Insider Program

The Xbox team has announced that they're looking for the next wave of 'Alpha' and 'Alpha Skip-Ahead' members of the Xbox Insider program, and you can request to join now via the Insider Hub on console.

Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead are the two rings in the Insider program which receive new features earlier than anything else, and they're only available to be accessed by invitation, so this is a good opportunity to get in.

If you want a chance to be selected, here's what you need to do:

  1. Launch the Xbox Insider Hub on your console
  2. Select Activities on the left
  3. Under Available, scroll down until you see Joining new rings
  4. Complete the survey!

However, requesting to join Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead in the survey doesn't guarantee you'll be selected, with the team suggesting that they "look at a variety of factors like high-quality submitted feedback, quest/survey participation, and playing games."

If you do get invited to join (via a message on your console), it's recommended to accept the invite as soon as possible, as "invitations themselves are not guarantees for participation because spots are very limited."

Going to give this a try? Are you part of Alpha or Alpha Skip-Ahead already? Let us know down below.