Xbox Dev Admits Memory Budget Is An Issue With Dynamic Backgrounds

We're loving Xbox's range of dynamic backgrounds on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, with two more based on Halo Infinite and Wasteland added earlier today, but why can't you make your own custom versions?

It seems the answer lies in the memory budget for the dashboard on these consoles, as Xbox Engineering Lead Eden Marie took to Twitter yesterday to explain that any kind of full motion video would just be a step too far:

This means you're never going to be able to turn a gameplay clip into a dynamic background, for example, although it remains to be seen whether Xbox could implement additional features such as utilising a revolving sequence of screenshots and/or custom audio... any kind of customisation would surely go down well in the future.

Nevertheless, we're still very happy with the selection on offer right now — but if you were wondering why you couldn't make your own dynamic backgrounds, this is seemingly the answer. It's nice to get clarification all the same!

What are your thoughts on Xbox's dynamic backgrounds for Series X and Series S? Let us know below.