Random: There's A Rock Shaped Like Craig The Brute In Halo Infinite 2

Yet another Halo Infinite Easter Egg dedicated to everybody's favourite brute, Craig, has seemingly been discovered in 343 Industries' latest sci-fi extravaganza.

Yes, we've already had the Craig Zeta Halo World Tour concert dates that were found atop the enormous Tower structure in the very first area of the game, complete with a stage set up with musical equipment, and now it seems the handsome rock star has now been immortalised in actual proper rock.

As reported by GamesRadar, over on Halo's Subreddit a user going by the name of u/chattering_bone has posted a picture of what, if you squint your eyes a little, appears to be a huge boulder in the shape of Craig's beautiful face.

It certainly looks something like Craig, who became an internet sensation back when Halo Infinite was originally revealed due to...well...how absolutely terrible he looked. However, the commenter has neglected to provide coordinates to the rock in question so we can't jump in for a closer look to verify the findings for ourselves. It could just be a trick of the light for all we know. It could be like that thing on the moon that looks man-made but probably isn't, and we're not going to officially confirm that this is indeed a Craig Easter Egg until we find it for ourselves, study it and send some evidence off to the labs.

Does it look like a bonafide Craig Easter egg to you? Let us know in the comments.

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