The First 'Craig The Brute' Easter Egg Has Already Been Discovered In Halo Infinite
Image: Microsoft, Mint Blitz on YouTube

A lucky few game critics and influencers have already been getting stuck into Halo Infinite's campaign over the past few days and one Youtuber has already found an Easter egg referencing everyone's favourite brute, Craig.

Yes, Youtuber Mint Blitz has posted up a bit of a spoilery video - so go away now if you want to find all this stuff for yourself - that shows how he managed to use the game's brand new Grappleshot to climb to the top of a tower in the fourth campaign mission and uncover a nod to Craig, who became the face of some rather roughshod looking character models back when the game was originally unveiled back in 2020.

It turns out that Craig, after becoming an internet meme, went on to have a successful rock music career and you can see references to his greatest hits album and some tour dates when you manage to scale this particular tower for yourself and uncover the shrine to all things Craig that awaits at its top.

We're really glad Craig has found happiness and a measure of success in his music career since going viral for being ugly last year and we genuinely cannot wait to get our hands on the full Halo Infinite campaign for ourselves so we can get to work exterminating all of his immediate family members.

Are you a Craig the Brute fan? Will you be hunting down this and more Craig-related references when you get your hands on Halo Infinite's campaign? Please let us know in the comments.