Microsoft Files "Halo: The Endless" Trademark Application

A trademark application made by Microsoft back on the 3rd of December for something going by the name of "Halo: The Endless" has been discovered over at the official Justia Trademarks website.

Twitter user and avid watcher of all things Microsoft, Aggiornamenti Lumia (@Alumia_Italia), was seemingly first to spot the new application and took to the social media app to post their findings.

If you've played through Halo Infinite already you may have a feeling for what you think this could potentially mean but, other than guesses and wild speculation, right now we really have no idea what form Halo: The Endless may take. The trademark website does tie it into video games media but doesn't give any other clues as to what it may in fact be.

Until we find out some further info about this one we'll be keeping our fingers crossed it's a great big juicy dollop of narrative-driven DLC for Halo Infinite's campaign. Then again, it could also be something to do with another rumoured Halo project which isn't supposed to be anything to do with Halo Infinite — we'll have to wait and see!

Have any thoughts on what Halo: The Endless could be? Let us know in the comments.