343 Reportedly Working On New Project 'That Isn't Halo Infinite'

It's been reported that 343 Industries has another project outside of Infinite in the pipeline, as brought up by Windows Central editor Jez Corden on the latest episode of The Xbox Two podcast this past Friday night.

During the latter part of the show, Corden suggested that the project is supposedly going to be Halo related, but stopped short of providing any further details. Here's how he summed it up:

"Yeah, they are working on another project that isn't Halo Infinite. I know that much."

Earlier this year, 343 denied that it was working on a new Halo Wars game, explaining that "we unfortunately can’t devote the time and attention we’d need to deliver additional updates and content for the Halo Wars franchise."

It's anyone's guess what this separate Halo project might be related to, then. In any case, it's probably a ways off...

What do you think 343 Industries might be working on outside of Halo Infinite? Give your suggestions below.

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