The developer behind the critically-acclaimed co-op adventure It Takes Two, Hazelight Studios, has confirmed that it was forced to abandon its trademark for the game earlier this year due to a dispute with Take-Two Interactive.

Take-Two has been on a spree of trademark and copyright claims against all sorts of things with names involving the likes of "civilization", "bully", "mafia", "social club" and many others recently, and It Takes Two falls into that category.

In a statement to Eurogamer, Hazelight Studios confirmed that Take-Two had forced the abandonment of the trademark, but the company also stated that it was "hopeful" the "ongoing dispute" would be resolved.

Take-Two has yet to comment on any of this at the time of writing, but we'll let you know if we get an update. Ultimately, if Hazelight ends up having to abandon the It Takes Two trademark permanently, it could potentially have major implications on not just the possibilities of a sequel, but whether the game can even remain on sale with its current title.

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