Don't Use Quick Resume With Halo Infinite For Now, Advises 343

343 Industries has advised Halo Infinite players on Xbox Series X and Series S that Quick Resume isn't worth using with the game for now, as it's causing an issue where you can't unlock certain cosmetics for your multiplayer Spartan.

The reason is because Quick Resume disconnects you from the servers — a common problem with the feature in many games — and so those cosmetics won't show up when you unlock them. Fortunately, a retroactive fix is on the way:

The Halo Infinite development team also recently confirmed that you can't go back and replay specific story missions in the game for now, so you'll need to be particularly vigilant in looking out for collectibles during your initial playthrough. Again, there's a plan to implement this feature in a future update — but there's no date for that as of yet.

If you're wondering how to turn Quick Resume off, all you need to do is come out of Halo Infinite, hit the 'Menu' button on your controller (formerly the 'Start' button) while hovering over the game's square tile on the dashboard, and then scroll down the menu to 'Quit'. This means you'll fully exit out of the game, and you can restart it from scratch.

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