Image: Bethesda

We've almost made it to 2022 and that means Bethesda is now closer than ever to releasing Starfield on the Xbox Series X|S.

In the lead-up to next year, the team has been sharing more and more concept artwork, and today we've got another look - this time at what appears to be some sort of ice cavern with the following message attached:

"What wonders will you uncover in distant caves?"

It follows on from a teaser of a lush jungle-like biome last week and a message from Todd Howard mentioning how the team can't wait to reveal Starfield in 2022.

Starfield is currently scheduled to arrive on 11th November next year on Xbox Series X|S, PC and Xbox Cloud. Bethesda says it will take players on a journey through space as they strive to answer humanity's greatest mystery.

What do you think of this latest concept art? Is this a game you're looking forward to getting your hands on? Tell us below.