343 Reveals Halo Infinite Download Sizes For Campaign & Multiplayer

Halo Infinite will officially be with us later today (December 8th), and while it's already been confirmed that the campaign won't be getting a pre-load, we at least now know the "approximate" download size for the entire package.

343 Industries says that these download sizes will vary by platform, but if you've already got the multiplayer beta installed, you're looking at around 25.86GB for the campaign and another 3.97GB for today's multiplayer update.

As you can see, those who haven't installed the multiplayer yet will have to make room for about 48.42GB in total, which still isn't bad at all — especially considering Halo: The Master Chief Collection is pushing over 100GB right now.

In fact, we're a little bit surprised just how small these install sizes apparently are. It may well be the result of Microsoft and 343 Industries' compression tools in action — and the good news is that they shouldn't take too long to download.

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