Halo Infinite
Image: Xbox

The Halo Infinite campaign is out now, and like some other games at launch - achievements don't seem to be popping for everyone right away.

If you have encountered this issue yourself, and are wondering if you'll have to replay the whole thing, there's no need to worry. 343 is well aware of this issue and is currently investigating reports. If an achievement doesn't unlock right away in the game's campaign or multiplayer, it "will eventually". Here's the full response from 343's Halo Support Twitter account - with an update to come:

"We're investigating reports that some #HaloInfinite Achievements are unlocking on a slight delay. If you've completed the requirements for an Achievement, it will eventually unlock. Stay tuned for updates."

If you've encountered any other bugs on your playthrough so far - you can check 343's 'Known Issues' page for more information. And if it's not there, send it a ticket and pass on your issues to the development team.

If you experience bugs, please check our Known Issues. If the issue is not there, please send us a ticket so we can share the bug's details with the development team.


Have you had any achievement delays or bugs in Halo Infinite so far? Comment down below.

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