Xbox Worked On Recent Batch Of Backwards Compatible Titles For 'Years'

In our final roundup of the day from Xbox exec Jason Ronald's appearance on the Iron Lords Podcast this past weekend, the director of project management had some interesting comments to share about backwards compatibility.

Ronald was asked about the final batch of backwards compatible Xbox and Xbox 360 titles that dropped a week ago today (76 of them in all), and revealed that the team had actually been working on that selection of additions for over a year, with some specific games on the "wishlist" taking multiple years to nail down.

"To be honest, every title is a challenge, whether it's a technical issue, whether it's a licensing issue... So when we talk about reaching the limit of adding new titles to the program, trust me if there's a game that you wanted added to the program, we've tried. And in some cases we've actually tried for years to bring some of these titles to the program. Some of the titles that are in this batch, we've actually been working on for years."

To coincide with the 76 new backwards compatible additions, Xbox compatibility program lead Peggy Lo recently stated that no further titles would be added to the program moving forward, explaining that the team had "reached the limit of our ability to bring new games to the catalog from the past due to licensing, legal and technical constraints."

Ronald acknowledged this in yesterday's interview, but promised the team had done everything they could:

"Obviously it's disappointing that we can't add more titles to the program, but at the same time I can honestly say the team has gone above and beyond, and they were able to get titles that I never thought we'd be able to add to the program."

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