Unpacking was a brand-new release on Xbox Game Pass last week, and while it hasn't exactly caught fire with the masses, those who have checked it out seem to be loving what they're playing.

On the outside, the premise of Unpacking seems fairly straightforward - you unbox packages and place your items into a selection of rooms. Simple, right? Well, it seems the story is a bit more nuanced than that and is capturing a lot of players off guard.

The general consensus from fans is that the story possesses a rather emotional narrative, with an engaging gameplay hook tying it all together. It's another testament as to how Xbox Game Pass can introduce more players to games they would never have usually played.

Certain players have even noticed some cool Easter Eggs, such as an Xbox 360 console being one of the items you can shift about. Others have turned the game into a competitive sports tournament via its replay feature, something one of the developers was happy to include.

If you haven't played Unpacking yet, give it a download! For a market that is oversaturated with first-person shooters and open-world adventures, sometimes it's nice to jump outside your comfort zone and try something a little new.

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