The highly-anticipated Xbox Mini Fridge will officially be available from this December, and thanks to this recent unboxing video from production company Ukonic, we've got a detailed look at the box, its contents and the fridge itself.

As you can see, the fridge looks fantastic in person, and the LEDs are a neat touch. The host of the video also goes into details about how to look after your fridge, such as the process of cleaning and defrosting it.

So, how can you get your hands on one? As you're likely aware, pre-orders sold out within minutes in many regions last month, but Microsoft has promised that more (limited) supplies will be available when the fridges officially go on sale this December. Plus, more stock will be made available in 2022 as well.

We'll of course keep you up to date if Microsoft makes an announcement about more supplies, and there's still no official word about an exact release date in December yet, so we expect more details on this soon.

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