The Latest Apex Legends Update Is An Absolutely Ridiculous Size On Xbox

If you're a keen player of Apex Legends then you might have noticed that an absolutely huge update for the game went live yesterday to coincide with the release of Apex Legends: Escape, and it's particularly bad on Xbox.

The download size has been reported as upwards of 70GB on Xbox consoles (which is essentially downloading the entire game again), whereas on PlayStation it's a max of 40GB+. Fortunately, PC sizes are much more respectable.

This isn't the first time we've seen a discrepancy between Xbox and other platforms for update sizes, with a notable example being a recent patch for Watch Dogs: Legion which was 40GB on Xbox Series X and just 3GB on PS5.

If you're willing to be patient and let your console download the full 70GB+ package, Apex Legends: Escape is packed with a variety of new features including a new Legend (Ash), a new map (Storm Point), ranked updates and much more.

What are your thoughts on the difference in download sizes for Apex Legends? Let us know down below.