Xbox Twitter

Update [Sat 13th Nov, 2021 04:14 GMT]: And it's back! The issue has now been resolved:

When a big-name social media account goes down, often you can assume it's been hacked or something like that. In this particular case, things are a bit different though.

We're not entirely sure what's gone on, but it seems Xbox's official account on Twitter "doesn't exist" at the time of writing. While the fine details of how this has happened haven't been explained, Xbox's social marketing/media manager Josh Stein is claiming responsibility.

Here's his current Twitter bio and a tweet to go with it:

"@Xbox Social "broke the handle" Media Manager"

Stein says they're "fixing it now" - so we're sure this issue will be resolved in time, but it's not exactly the best timing with the 20 year anniversary currently taking place.

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