Phil Spencer: Xbox Is 'Refilling The Pipe' With Ambitious New Ideas For The Future

Xbox head Phil Spencer has made a number of appearances on Major Nelson's podcast recently, speaking a little bit more about the brand's plans for the long-term future, including how he excited he is for the so-called "Horizon 3" plans.

The Xbox team breaks down its future plans into "Horizon 1" (immediate future), "Horizon 2" (two-three years away) and "Horizon 3" (up to 10 years away), and they're currently "refilling the pipe" for that latter portion:

"We started a bunch of Horizon 3 things [a few] years ago. [Project] xCloud was one of those, Game Pass was another one... The thing I'm excited about now is we're doing the same thing, we're refilling the pipe. What's our Horizon 3 stuff? What are the things that five or ten years from now, we're going to be so happy that we started today?"

"We've got to be constantly pushing the boundaries of what we're doing, because gamers will always demand more. We've got to be out there investing in that."

Of course, Xbox's initial batch of "Horizon 3" plans turned out to pretty much reinvent the brand following an infamously poor launch period for the Xbox One back in 2013, with Phil Spencer and his team steering the ship around with the introduction of features like Xbox Game Pass, Backwards Compatibility and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

There's no telling what they might be working on next, but we can't wait to find out what Phil has up his sleeve.

What long-term plans do you think Xbox might have in the works? Give us your thoughts below.