New xScreen Footage Shows Portable Xbox Series S Concept Is A Winner
Image: UPspec Gaming

The glorious xScreen was presented to us as a Kickstarter project earlier this year and quickly met its goal. It looks absolutely fantastic, and this series of new video updates have us nothing short of excited for its release in early 2022.

Out of all the videos, the most recent is a LAN party which has been put together using various Xbox Series S consoles. For those that don't know, the xScreen is a third-party peripheral that allows you to attach a screen to your console and use it portably (you still need a power cable), so seeing it in action like this is fascinating.

There are also some other examples of games being run via xScreen, including Far Cry 6, Fortnite and even the Halo Infinite technical preview from the summer:

If you're interested in the xScreen, you can still pick up an "early bird" pre-order via its Kickstarter page for £189 / $249. The team seems really dedicated to making this a great product, and we're hopeful it'll live up to expectations.

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