New Halo Infinite Baddie Is 'The Creepiest, Most Disturbing Character That’s Been In Halo'
Image: 343 Industries

Revealed as part of IGN's ongoing coverage of Halo Infinite, more details have been dropped about a certain character known as Jega 'Rdomani, a Spartan Killer determined to end Master Chief.

Speaking to IGN, associate creative director Paul Crocker explained Jega's place in the world. While the previously seen alien race known as The Banished will be the main antagonists, Jega is here to make Master Chief's day just a little bit rougher.

It's said that Jega will be a "dual-red-plasma-sword-wielding Elite", who was quickly shown during the most recent Halo Infinite campaign gameplay. Players can look forward to some tough boss encounters with him during the campaign's runtime.

“One of the things we tried to do with Jega was make him into the creepiest, most disturbing character that’s been in Halo,” said associate creative director Paul Crocker. “Just every time you see him...he looks at things as prey. The whole experience of how he toys with Chief is he is.”

The Halo franchise narrative writer Jeff Easterling also went on to say Jega is the "subtle sidekick of Escharum", the Banished war chief we've seen in previous gameplay demonstrations, and they have a close relationship.

"We wanted to build a character up to be more like a kind of subtle sidekick to Escharum. They have the closest relationship; they’ve worked together the longest. [Jega] is his most respected soldier, his closest friend. The entire group [of Spartan Killers] is a showcase of The Banished’s power. Not only are they furthering the cause of The Banished, they are also inspiring all of the troops that are beneath them."

Seeing Master Chief and Jega square off will hopefully make for some captivating moments and push players to their limits in terms of gameplay. We've seen some boss footage in the campaign overview where enemies sport health bars, but hopefully it proves to be an interesting fight between the two, rather than a bullet sponge encounter.

If you want to learn all you possibly can about Jega, we strongly recommend checking out IGN's extensive coverage. However, if you want to go in blind, there are only a few more weeks until Halo Infinite launches on December 8th.

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