Halo Infinite Season 1's Paid Cosmetics Could End Up Costing Over $1000 In Total

While the general reaction to Halo Infinite's multiplayer has been a positive one so far, various Halo fans have been taking to social media to grumble about its free-to-play model recently, particularly in regards to customisation.

Some Halo fans feel like they've been short-changed by the requirement to pay significant amounts of money to acquire all of the game's cosmetics, and thanks to a recent datamine of the game's first season of content, it's been estimated that it could cost over $1000 just to get your hands on all of it through May 2022.

Of course, the $1000 figure is just an estimate and 343 Industries has yet to confirm all of its plans for Season 1 paid content, but as highlighted above, it certainly looks like there are a lot of store bundles on the way.

A good number of Halo Infinite players aren't happy about this, so it'll be interesting to see if 343 Industries acknowledges their concerns publicly over the next few days. We'll be keeping a close eye out for any further updates.

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