Halo Infinite Dev Says He's 'Feeling Everyone's Pain On Progression'

Halo Infinite has got off to a fantastic start in terms of player numbers and the reception to its gameplay so far, but the same can't be said in regards to the game's progression model which has received a fair bit of criticism.

The negativity has stemmed around everything from slow progression in the Battle Pass to concerns surrounding the amount of paid content that will be made available during Season 1, and 343 Industries head of design Jerry Hook has acknowledged that progression specifically needs work, saying he's "feeling the pain" of it:

"Yes I am still playing Halo and feeling everyone’s pain on progression. We are back at it next week and this will be top of my list with the team."

As you can see, the plan is for Hook to address this with his team during the week, so hopefully they'll be able to find a better solution for Infinite players in the long run. The Fracture: Tenrai event has also come under criticism for lacking cosmetic content and spreading progress across multiple months, so maybe that'll be targeted, too.

We can't stress enough how much we're enjoying Halo Infinite's gameplay regardless, but unfortunately it's being somewhat overshadowed by these concerns. Fingers crossed, the negativity will be a thing of the past soon enough.

How are you finding Halo Infinite's progression model? Let us know down in the comments below.

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