Elden Ring Scalpers

Is there anything scalpers won't try and sell these days? Xbox consoles, PS5 consoles, the kitchen sink - they won't stop at anything. Now, with the Elden Ring test keys going into the wild, they're already hitting eBay.

Resellers are going crazy with the Elden Ring test keys, which were sent out to certain fans yesterday. It allows users the opportunity to try out the game during set periods over the next few days, and with their limited availability, it's setting up resellers all over again.

Scalpers have been going crazy with the Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge over the past month as well. They've been selling for over £200 / $200 on eBay.

It's getting kind of ridiculous now. It's exactly one year today since the Xbox Series X|S launched, and even now they're still being eagerly picked up by scalpers. Hopefully, nobody endorses this by purchasing an Elden Ring code on eBay.

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