Soapbox: I'm Not A Halo Fan, But Even I'm Enjoying Halo Infinite

You might want to chew me out for this one, reader, but I'm not what you'd call a "Halo fan". Have I played (most of) the games? Sure. Could I tell you the story details of the campaigns or name the famous maps in the multiplayer modes? Nope. For whatever reason, Halo passed me by in the early years, and I never really caught up.

In recent years, I've been using The Master Chief Collection to try and improve my Halo knowledge, and while I have enjoyed playing bits of the campaigns at a time, they haven't really captured my attention in the way they probably would have 20 years ago. The multiplayer is even harder to get accustomed to, not just because it feels a bit dated, but also because of the fact that every time I jump into a game, I find myself matched against far better players than myself and end up quitting out of frustration after half an hour or so.

However, I've been taking part in every single Halo Infinite Technical Preview so far, including the one we just experienced this past weekend, and I can happily say I'm on board. The multiplayer is tons of fun, even when I'm struggling to keep up with everyone else, and the addition of bots is a massive plus for a relative newcomer like myself.

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I can't describe it as accurately as a passionate Halo fan, but there's something about the movement and gunplay in Infinite that just feels right. The pacing seems quicker than the classic Halos, which suits someone like me who has leant more towards the likes of Titanfall over the years. The vehicles also handle surprisingly well, and most importantly, I've yet to come across a map that doesn't feel meticulously handcrafted and well-designed. Yes, I'm still propping up the leaderboards in most matches, but I also feel like these maps give me room to breathe as I try to improve my skills.

And of course, the addition of the Academy is pretty helpful for someone like me. I'm really not familiar with the weapons in Halo, so having the ability to practice them ahead of time is excellent, and the option to jump into a no-stakes battle with varying difficulties of bots is the perfect way to help me learn those maps and get around the frustration that comes with getting killed over and over again in multiplayer. A very welcome feature for sure.

Whatever happens from now on, I can confidently say that I'm very excited to jump into Halo Infinite's multiplayer on day one, and I've never said that with a Halo game before. What the campaign will be like remains to be seen, but if 343 Industries was hoping to convert some non-fans with the technical preview, they can consider me converted.

Are you a Halo newbie? What did you think of the Halo Infinite preview? Let us know in the comments below.

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