Deep Silver has released the first raw gameplay of next year's Saints Row reboot and the reception has been noticeably mixed.

The footage was shared by Game Informer earlier this week. While we got a more extensive trailer with in-game footage back in August, this is the first we've seen of it with all of its HUD elements enabled.

Not too much is shown, but it does provide a gorgeous look at the world of Santo Ileso - the city you'll be exploring in the game. For the most part, it just shows the protagonist roaming these environments and doing a bit of driving, giving an insight into how alive and vibrant the world will be.

However, not everyone is impressed. The YouTube video at the time of writing is sitting at 3.1k upvotes and 1.8k downvotes. For the most part, the commenters have raised some valid points on why they're not sure about the game.

Some have mentioned how they "don't know how to feel about the desert vibe", whereas others "like how Santo Ileso actually has some varied districts and is built around the that instead of being a copypaste concrete jungle like Steelport was".

Others have also spoken about the HUD, hoping there will be an option to turn off "health bars for enemies and cars" when exploring the world. All of the criticisms are fairly well constructed and seem to suggest not everyone is on board with the new direction. Perhaps opinions will change once more gameplay comes to fruition.

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