Hellblade 2 Is 'Planned' To Be At The Game Awards
Image: Ninja Theory

With E3 and Gamescom out of the way, what's next? Why, The Game Awards, of course! The show has been confirmed to be airing on December 9 and will be taking place as an in-person event at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles. Expectations for the show are high after recent years, and it seems Hellblade 2 could be returning as part of the ceremony.

The possible appearance was claimed by Jeff Grubb on the most recent episode of the DefiningDuke podcast. A discussion arose about how Xbox could be gearing up for some big announcements during the show, which Grubb agreed with and said he'd heard plans of Hellblade 2 being shown.

"I think you're probably right. I think Hellblade 2 was kind of the plan as well, but we'll see if that actually happens. They were thinking about doing the thing that they had after E3 with Parris. They were thinking about putting that in the show but were like 'no, that's too much for you stuff so we'll just save that and then we'll do something later in the year', probably The Game Awards, that's going to be the plan. We'll see, those plans could change."

The group also spoke about the chance of Obsidian's Avowed appearing at the show, adding it's highly likely, but didn't provide any concrete information to go alongside the speculation.

Xbox has had a track record of dropping huge announcements at The Game Awards in recent years. Last year saw the reveal of Perfect Dark, whereas the year before that saw the very first look at the Xbox Series X and Hellblade 2 itself. It's no surprise that something big could be shown, it's just a matter of what it could be.

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