Random: Xbox One Owner Somehow Gets Fly Stuck In The Power Button

How do you get a fly stuck in your Xbox One? That's what one concerned owner has been asking over the past few days, taking to the Xbox One Reddit community to ask for help about how to get it out of the power button.

Reddit user Espiring posted a short clip to the social media forum, showing the trapped fly flickering in and out of the light by the button, and pondering how it ended up there along with the implications of it:

As you can probably imagine, many of the replies poked fun at the situation, making jokes about how the Xbox was suffering a "bug", but others also offered some helpful advice about how to potentially remove it:

Bizarrely, this isn't the first instance we've seen of flies invading an Xbox in recent months, as a concerned Xbox Series X owner also reported back in August that their console had suffered the same fate.

We can't say we've ever had to deal with this ourselves — and hopefully it stays that way!

Have you ever had a fly make its way into your Xbox console? Let us know your experiences below.