Nvidia Claims Xbox Cloud Gaming 'Still Feels Pretty Laggy' Right Now

Nvidia has used its GeForce Now service to take a slight dig at Xbox Cloud Gaming today, claiming that the experience "still feels pretty laggy" due to xCloud (and other competitors) "still streaming close to 200ms of latency".

The comments were made as part of an announcement (thanks, The Verge) that Nvidia will be launching "dedicated, low-latency RTX 3080 gaming pods" in the cloud before the end of the year. The company is said to be equipping its servers with 35 teraflops of GPU performance, which is three times what the Xbox Series X can achieve.

As a result, Nvidia has suggested Destiny 2 should be able to run with GeForce Now at 60ms of latency, while Xbox Cloud Gaming has been estimated at 175ms - well over twice the reported figure of Nvidia's service.

Here's a look at the figures:

In addition, Nvidia says it's using Adaptive Sync technology to help craft a "perfectly smooth and synchronous cloud gaming stream", resulting in "great technology to make it feel like you’re playing on a local computer.”

Interestingly, GeForce Now is also rolling out beta support for the Microsoft Edge browser today, which in theory should mean that you'll soon be able to start streaming PC games to your console via the new Edge on Xbox. Xbox Insiders got a taste of this earlier this year, but now hopefully the feature will soon be available to everyone.

What are your thoughts on Nvidia's comments about Xbox Cloud Gaming? Let us know down below.

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