Life Is Strange: True Colors Adds 'High Performance' 60FPS Mode On Xbox Series X

We've got some good news for Life is Strange: True Colors fans, as it's been confirmed today that the recently released game is getting a 'High Performance' mode on Xbox Series X as soon as this Tuesday, October 5.

Details are limited, with the patch notes simply stating that the update adds a "High Resolution / High Performance" toggle in which the latter provides a framerate of up to 60fps. Both Series X and PS5 are getting this option.

There's no word on the Xbox Series S as of yet, but it seems it won't be getting the same benefit.

It's a disappointment for Series S owners, then, but a welcome addition for Xbox Series X owners who want to play the game at a smoother framerate than the default 30fps. Look out for the patch to go live sometime this Tuesday.

Xbox Series X

ยท High Resolution / High Performance (up to 60fps) mode/s toggle added

Will you be trying out Life is Strange: True Colors at 60fps? Let us know down in the comments.