Yesterday provided us with a fresh look at Halo Infinite's campaign ahead of the game's release on December 8th, and unlike last year's trailer which drew considerable criticism, this year's version has gone down very well.

It's clear the team at 343 Industries has made considerable improvements to the campaign from a visual standpoint over the past couple of years, and this is demonstrated in the video above and screenshots below:

Our original look at gameplay for Halo Infinite's campaign arrived back in July 2020, but 343 ultimately admitted that "the reality is that the art and visuals weren’t at the bar we hold for Halo – even in a work-in-progress state."

The announcement of Halo Infinite's delay in August of 2020 was one of the most disappointing aspects of an otherwise exciting year for Xbox, but it's clear it was for the best. Let's hope Halo Infinite can live up to the hype!

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