We're now just a few short weeks away from Forza Horizon 5's Xbox Game Pass release on November 9th, and in preparation, Digital Foundry has taken a detailed look at the preview version for Xbox Series X and S.

They're suitably impressed, too. The game is described as a "next-gen spectacle" for the two consoles, with the standout highlight being the quality mode for Xbox Series X, which is a "phenomenal experience" and "allow[s] for the most dense, rich and expansive Forza Horizon experience we've seen yet."

Additionally, while quality mode is locked at 30fps on Series X, the implementation is said to be "remarkable", where "motion blur shutter speed is judged perfectly, frame-rate never wavers, [and] the game still seems highly responsive."

"Typically, it's hard to recommend anything other than 60fps or better, but the sense is that Playground Games has finely honed the 30fps quality mode to the point where it's actually very different to choose between the two."

Meanwhile, the 60fps performance mode reportedly takes away certain effects, detail, "a layer of post-process realism" and more, but "still manages to capture a great deal of the game's richness and density". However, it seems like occasional instances of pop-in will be apparent in this mode, but not in quality mode.

As for Xbox Series S, the experience is supposedly almost identical to Xbox Series X, with the only major difference being the resolution (1080p instead of 4K). You still get the choice between a quality and a performance mode on Series S, and frame-rates were said to be "perfect in all the content we had available to test [across both consoles]."

All in all, it sounds like Forza Horizon 5 is shaping up to be pretty special on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and now we're just waiting to see how it performs on Xbox One as well. Fingers crossed that version is great too!

"The Forza Horizon 5 press preview delivered much while leaving the vast majority of the game locked away from view - leaving us hungry for more. Nothing we've seen so far suggests that the Xbox Series versions will be anything other than excellent, while the quality and performance modes each shine in their own ways."

Will you be going for quality or performance mode with Forza Horizon 5? Let us know down below.

FH5: Quality Mode or Performance Mode?

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