Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Is Now Available
Image: EA Games / DICE

After months of anticipation, Xbox players can finally get their first hands-on with Battlefield 2042. The open beta is available to download and play now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S users who are signed up to Game Pass Ultimate or EA Play.

Running up until October 10, players can dive into a match of Conquest and see how the series has evolved. Anyone who isn't signed up to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or EA Play can begin playing on October 8.

Since the beta is now in the wild, raw footage of the game is now available to view. If you're interested to see how the game fares across multiple generations, we've curated some gameplay to cast your eyes over.

Battlefield 2042 Xbox Gameplay

Xbox One

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series S

Obviously, as more time is spent with the open beta, we imagine more technical analysis of Battlefield 2042's performance and graphics will surface. As it stands, the game is looking rather exceptional.

We've managed to have a little hands-on time with the open beta since it's gone live and found it a visual treat with some tight, classic Battlefield gameplay to complement it. However, not everything is smooth sailing as there are a fair few visual glitches causing flashing images from our own experience. Hopefully, this is ironed out before the full release this November.

If you're interested to see the exact beta timings, check out our guide highlighting all the relevant time zones.

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How Are You Finding The BF 2042 Beta So Far?