If you're a Spider-Man fan, you're probably aware of the fabled fourth movie in the Sam Raimi franchise that never came to be. Much like its predecessors, a game was intended to tie in with its release, but since the film never came to fruition, it never saw the light of day. However, just over 18 minutes of gameplay from the Xbox 360 build has allegedly been released and it truly makes us wish the webbed menace would return.

The footage, which was clearly in the middle of development, appears to be using assets from another franchise - Prototype. This is easily seen in the text and lock-on mechanics the game has. There's some pretty cool Spider-Man moments within the footage, including a fight against a helicopter that involves our hero webbing it to the ground.

While we never got to see this game in action, it's cool to see many of the elements used were implemented into the Prototype series. With Spider-Man being tied to PlayStation these days and it being fairly unlikely we'll get to play as our favourite hero once again, we'll have to stick with some original Xbox classics. Thankfully, there are a plethora of great games, which this writer had the pleasure of diving into again last month.

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