Scalebound's Lead Designer Is Now Directing Bayonetta 3 For Nintendo

Scalebound is still a bit of a touchy subject amongst some Xbox fans an Xbox exclusive developed by PlatinumGames in the mid 2010s which was eventually cancelled by Xbox and Microsoft Studios in January of 2017.

There's still a group of people who call for its return on a semi-regular basis, but if you're looking to try something with possible Scalebound influences, you might want to keep an eye on the release of Bayonetta 3 for Nintendo Switch.

As highlighted by former Scalebound creative producer JP Kellams on Twitter, Bayonetta 3 director Yusuke Miyata was the lead designer on Scalebound, and Kellams noticed a similar mechanic from the game in Bayonetta 3's trailer:

Yusuke Miyata posted a blog on the PlatinumGames website earlier this week about his involvement in the project, explaining that it's his "first time working on the Bayonetta series, but I’m a big fan and played the previous games nonstop."

In regards to Scalebound, PlatinumGames hasn't actually given up on the idea of bringing it back in the future, telling Xbox fans in August of 2020 to "send a letter to Phil Spencer" if they wanted to see it again, explaining that "we're always happy to see if there are still people that are really interested in it coming out one day."

To be honest, we're not holding out much hope for a Scalebound revival, but never say never!

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