Konami unveiled the PES replacement eFootball earlier this year, serving as a free-to-play game that will evolve with new features over time, but its initial launch (it went live last night) has gone down noticeably poorly so far.

Players have swarmed social media to share their impressions, with the majority being negative. There's no singular area that seems to have been targeted either, with everything from the visuals to the gameplay being criticised.

Worse still, the game's Steam rating after over 3500 reviews is sitting at "Overwhelmingly Negative", with around just 10% of people giving it a positive review so far, and 90% of people scoring it as "Not Recommended".

It's a worrying start for eFootball, especially considering PES fans have been waiting two years for the game after Konami decided to release a 'Season Update' for PES 2021 last year. That said, there are plenty of new features in the works for later in 2021 (it's essentially just a demo right now) so let's hope it can turn the negativity around.

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