Halo Dev Reveals That Game Announcement Trailers Aren't Always Targeted At The Fans
Image: 343 Industries

One thing that many people get frustrated by, no matter which console you prefer, is CGI reveal trailers for games. While it can be cool to know a game is coming, many just want to see it in action rather than a pre-rendered interpretation of what to expect. However, there is an alternative reason for that, as one Halo developer has pointed out.

David Ellis, who is currently working on the Academy portion of Halo Infinite, highlighted the interesting fact on Twitter. While many assume it's to advertise the game for fans, it's claimed to occasionally have another purpose. Ellis says that it's "sometimes more about recruiting people to work on the game, [rather] than promoting the game itself".


We'll be honest, it wasn't something that we thought about, but it makes sense. For months Playground Games was hiring for an undisclosed game - we imagine it's just easier to advertise once the word is out that it's in fact Fable.

While it's not necessarily the case for every game, Ellis's comments do give insight into how the industry works. So even if they may feel like pointless trailers at times (such as Outer Worlds 2), there are good reasons for them.

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