Steam Deck
Image: Valve

We've heard how Valve's recently announced Steam Deck can be used as a handheld Xbox and now head of Microsoft's gaming division, Phil Spencer, appears to have got his hands on one.

In his latest post on social media, Spencer revealed how he actually visited Valve's HQ earlier this week to talk to Gabe Newell and the team about the new handheld system. He's had his own model for most of the week now and shared his impressions on social media.

As noted, he's been enjoying Halo (we're not entirely sure which one), Age of Empires (presumably AoE IV, out on PC this October) and xCloud, too. Spencer previously mentioned how excited he was to play games on the go when Valve initially revealed the Steam Deck.

It seems Valve and Xbox continue to maintain great relations - with Valve's co-founder even mentioning last year how he prefers the Xbox Series X|S over PlayStation 5. The Steam Deck will release to the public later this year in select regions.

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